At VWPL, we are committed to efficiently produce material of Quality appreciable by customer and supply in time with a continued effort towards reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction by continuously improving our Quality Management System.

Quality shall be achieved by following :

  • Reducing customer complaints through improved Quality System.
  • Reducing wastage and manufacturing costs.
  • Supplying desired Quantity to customer on time, every time.
  • Improving productivity by better utilization of machine and manpower.
  • Improving Internal and External Customer Satisfaction level.
  • Development of Human Resources and team spirit through better training and interaction.

Basic contents of the Quality Policy

Quality systems existing at VWPL comply with the requirement of International standard systems of ISO:9001:2015.To achieve the objectives of the quality policy, company plans to implement & achieve Total Quality Management.

  • Utmost Satisfaction of Client's expectation.
  • Innovative, cost and time effective services.
  • Consistent and continuous quality improvement.
  • Fulfilments of defined quality objective targets.

Taking Strides And Creating Milestones

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