Venkateswara Wires Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated on 1988 as Private Limited. The company is headed by eminent and efficient Director Mr. Sanjay Saboo who is professional expert in this field.

The Company is engaged in manufacturing of high quality ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced), AAAC (All Aluminum Alloy Conductor), AAC (All Aluminum Conductor) and LT Aerial Bunched cables. The unit is equipped to manufacture multi strand conductor upto 61 strand, which are used in transmission of electric power upto 400kv transmission lines. Strict & rigorous quality control is maintained and conductors of various sizes as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) specifications or IEC/BS specifications ASTM or any international standard are manufactured by the company.  

We at Venkateswara Wires Pvt. Ltd. are produced with great emphasis on uniformity and unmatched quality. To attain these standards, they are subjected to rigorous quality and measurement control system through Company's in-built inspection techniques right from the initial stage of process reaching up to the final production. 

While the Company leaves no stones unturned in maintaining its grip over quality, it is receptive to comments and valuable advice from its esteemed Customers so that Venkateswara Wires Pvt. Ltd. always retain their total acceptability.

Our aim is to produce quality products consistently. We plan to decentralize all activities and make our employees quality conscious in whatever they do. All of us, together, wish to achieve the best possible quality.

The ultimate aim is to achieve the status of quality leader in the industry by providing good products, excellent services and quick  response to the customer.

Company is led by dynamic Person Chairman & Managing Directors Mr. Sanjay Saboo along with qualified  Mr. Rohit Saboo , Mr. A.K. Bohra Director (Technical) and supported by a team of technical experts. Through  Product quality and customer satisfaction the company has achieved a top position in leading manufactures of ACSR/AAC/AAAC Conductors.